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Menu New Year’s Eve 2018

Tasty appetizers ***** Lobster soup with Armagnac Or Mosaic consommé ***** 1/2 lobster belle-vue Or Foie gras from the Périgord ***** Fillet of Roe in Harlequin sauce, cranberry, apple, chicory and cr...

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Christmas menu

Christmas menu (24 and 25 December 2015) Appetizers ***** White pearls (oysters) Or Foie gras cubes with old Port Or Sliced and garnished Scottish salmon ***** Consommé of four fillets ***** Filet of ...

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suggestions du chef

Starters Half a dozen of Zealand oysters “000” €21,5 Minced salmon marinated in dill €16,5 Shrimps cocktail €19,5 Lobster and foie gras salad €28,5 Marinated swordfish in lime €15,5 Scampi...

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