Seasonal suggestions

Moutain ham €23,00
Pappardelle pasta with smoked salmon from Scotland €18,50
Pan-fried escalope of foie gras in port wine sauce €19,50
Poached egg Scandinavian €16,00
Avocado salad with shrimp €17,50
Vitello tonnato (slices of veal covered with a tuna and mayonnaise sauce) €15,50
The fried eggs with truffle €22,50

Main courses
Sweetbreads sautéed in Norman €27,50
Young Boar in Taurasi Doc G €22,00
Charolais beef with summer truffle €29,50
Cushion of beef with a sauce of your choice (2 pers) €51,00
Loin of lamb with seasonal vegetables (2 pers) €48,00
Slice of grilled veal liver in English €23,50
Duck breast with red fruits €23,00
Mix sweetbreads and kidneys chives €28,50
Charolais Beef Rossini €31,50
Italian risotto with mushrooms and truffles (2 pers) €48,00

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