suggestions du chef

Half a dozen of Zealand oysters “000” €21,5
Minced salmon marinated in dill €16,5
Shrimps cocktail €19,5
Lobster and foie gras salad €28,5
Marinated swordfish in lime €15,5
Scampis cooked with leak €17,5
Eels in herb sauce €17,5

Main Courses
Bass with cooking salt (2pers) €51,5
Grilled Young turbot fish with various vegetables (2pers) €56,5
Grilled Sole or sole meunière €29,5
Grilled lobster or lobster with minced vegetables €48,0
Thick slice of braised salmon in mousseline sauce (lemon, cream, egg yolk whipped with butter) €23,5
Mix of grilled fish (prawns, young sole, salmon and bass, …) €28,5
Wing of skate in a browned butter sauce €22,5
Eels in herb sauce €22,5

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